True Luna Chapter 89: The cabin

Logan POV

“So this is where you held all of those parties I was never allowed to come to?” Emma asked as soon as I parked my car in front of my cabin.

“You were underage.” I told her as I unbuckled my seat belt.

“Like you would let me come even if I wasn’t.” Emma chuckled, opening the car door.

“And have all the men stare at my mate?” I growled, watching her ass as she left the car. “I don’t think so.”

Her ass was f*****g perfection, and I couldn’t wait to get her out of those jeans.

I opened the car door and stepped outside.

Emma walked to the trunk and opened it.

“Nobody would stare at me.” Emma said. “I’m not that pretty.”

I snorted, making her look at me.

She was the most beautiful woman on this planet.

“Well, to you I am because I’m your mate.” Emma sighed, taking her backpack out of the trunk.

“Let me tell you a story.” I said, picking up my backpack and closing the trunk. “Back then, when I was an i***t who rejected you, I tried to find out as much as I could about Jacob.”

My heart clenched painfully just remembering the time I didn’t have her. I couldn’t believe how f*****g stupid I was. I couldn’t believe that I almost lost her. I couldn’t believe that I almost let another man have her.

She was mine.

‘MINE!’ Leon growled.

‘Ours.’ I reassured him before I continued telling the story to Emma.

“I called Lewis into my office because I knew that he would be able to tell me a lot about Jacob.” I continued as I pulled the keys to the cabin out of my pocket.

I glanced at my perfect little mate and saw that she was looking at me with curiosity written all over her beautiful face.

“Lewis told me that Jacob was in love with a girl and that he was going to ask her to be his chosen mate.” I said, and I wasn’t able to stop myself from growling.

I was still jealous of him. I still hated him for trying to take my girl.

Emma took her hand in mine and gave me a small smile. I bent down to kiss her forehead.

“Lewis also told me that a lot of the guys from the patrol were in love with that girl.” I said as I unlocked and opened the front door. “So you can’t really tell me that you aren’t pretty when you have our entire patrol drooling after you.”

“Maybe he was talking about another girl.” Emma shrugged.

I looked at her and raised an eyebrow. She chuckled and shook her head.

“It doesn’t matter, Logan.” she said as she placed her backpack on the floor. “I’m yours anyway.”

My d**k twitched in my pants.

f**k yes, she was.

“Yes, you are.” I growled, grabbing her arm and pulling her closer to me.

I captured her lips with mine, and her amazing taste entered my mouth. I grunted, making her moan and press herself closer to me.

“I can’t wait to be inside of you, baby.” I told her as I started kissing up and down her jaw. “I can’t wait to make you mine and mine only.”

Emma ran her fingers through my hair and lifted my head gently.

“Can we talk about something first?” she asked quietly.

I saw a hint of nervousness on her face, and I immediately went into protective mode.

“Of course, baby.” I said as I picked her up and carried her to the living room.

She looked around, and I could tell that she was impressed. I was glad because all of this was hers now.

I sat down on the couch, placing her on my lap. She straddled me and placed her hands on my chest.

“Is something wrong, baby?” I asked her worriedly. “Are you nervous about us? Are you having second thoughts? Are you…”

Emma placed her hand on my mouth, making me frown at her.

“I’m not having second thoughts about us, Logan.” she said softly. “I can’t wait to make you mine. I can’t wait to become yours. I just…”

She stopped talking and took a deep breath. I moved her hand from my mouth.

“Is it about s*x?” I asked gently. “We don’t have to do anything if you are not ready, Emma.”

“I’m so ready for that.” she said, chuckling. “It’s not about s*x. I want to have s*x with you.”

My d**k twitched again. I felt relieved. Of course I would have waited if she wasn’t ready, but I was so f*****g glad that she was. I couldn’t wait to be inside her.

Emma bit her lip and looked down at her hands.

“I know that having pups early is very common in our world.” Emma spoke quietly. “I know that you want and need heirs to the pack. I want that too. I want to have pups with you, but I don’t want to have them yet.”

Emma looked up at me, and I saw fear in her eyes.

“I’m only eighteen.” she continued, and I could hear a hint of panic in her voice. “I’ve been through so much lately, and I just need some time to get over that. I don’t want to bring a baby into the world when I’m still struggling to get over everything that happened. I’m sorry, Logan. I understand if you don’t want me anymore. I understand if you don’t…”

It was my turn to stop her from talking further.

I pressed my lips against hers, stopping her from talking like a crazy person.

“You are crazy if you think that I would leave you just because you are not ready to have pups right now.” I told her softly. “I want to enjoy you for a little while anyway. We have time, Emma. We don’t have to rush into anything, baby.”

Emma sobbed and wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Oh, thank Goddess.” she mumbled. “I thought that you would leave me again.”

My heart broke.

“f**k, Emma, no.” I said as I wrapped my arms around her as tightly as I could. “I would never leave you. You are mine. I don’t give a s**t about anything else. I want you. I need you.”

Emma lifted her head and pressed her lips on mine.

“I love you.” she said softly.

“I love you too, baby.” I said, pressing my lips against hers again.

I ran my fingers through her hair, and she grabbed the front of my shirt, pulling me closer to her.

“I am going to mark you and marry you, though.” I said as I started kissing her neck. “I need to make you mine.”

“I need you to make me yours.” Emma said softly, making me groan and press my d**k on her p***y.

This was happening. She would be mine. I would finally make her mine.

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