True Luna Chapter 90: First time

Logan POV

The taste of her was f*****g amazing. Her scent, her soft skin, her warmth… Everything was f*****g amazing.

I kissed her neck and sucked on her marking spot, making her moan.

“Bedroom?” I asked, praying to the Goddess that she would say yes.

“Yes.” Emma said softly.

Well, thank you, Goddess.

I stood up, tightened my arms around her, and started walking to the bedroom.

My heart was pounding like crazy. It would finally happen. I would finally mark my mate. I would finally make her mine.

Emma kissed my neck softly, and my d**k twitched painfully. I saw f*****g stars the moment she sucked on my marking spot.

“f**k, Emma.” I growled as I kicked the bedroom door open.

I hurried toward the bed and laid her down gently.

I looked at her beautiful face and smiled.

“I love you so f*****g much.” I told her as I kissed the tip of her nose.

“I love you too.” she said quietly.

I could hear nervousness in her voice, and it made my heart clench painfully.

“Don’t be nervous, baby.” I said softly as I caressed her cheek. “I will go slow. If you want me to stop, just say the word, okay? I won’t do anything that you don’t want me to do.”

“I’m more nervous about what I’m supposed to do.” Emma chuckled and bit her lower lip.

I growled and sucked it under her teeth.

“You are supposed to lie here and enjoy, baby.” I told her. “Let me do everything. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to do all kinds of dirty stuff to me.”

I winked at her, and she chuckled. The sound of her laugh made my heart swell.

I started to undress her slowly. I removed her hoodie and saw a black, lacy bra underneath.

I grunted with need. She was driving me f*****g crazy.

I took my sweet time with her. We were alone. There would be no interruptions. There was no need to rush anything. I had her amazing body underneath me, and I planned on enjoying it as much as I wanted to.

I leaned in, placed a kiss on her collar bone, and reached behind her to unclasp her bra. I took off her bra and immediately sucked on one of her n*****s.

“Oh, Logan.” Emma moaned, arching her back and pressing herself closer to me.

My d**k was pulsating in my jeans.

I sucked on her n****e until I decided that I should give my attention to the other one. I used my hands to rub her over her jeans. I was teasing her, and I could tell that she was getting a little bit frustrated. Her breaths became short and fast. She kept pushing herself against my hand.

“Logan, please.” she whined and her voice almost made me c*m.

She moaned my name. She needed me.


I started kissing down her belly until I reached her jeans.

“Do you want me to continue?” I asked, wanting to make sure that she was still okay with everything.

She nodded and gulped. I winked at her as I started to unbutton her jeans.

The scent of her arousal was driving me f*****g crazy.

“I’m going to make you c*m, baby.” I told her as I removed her jeans. “I need you wet and ready for me.”

I looked down at her thong. It matched her bra. I grabbed her hips and turned her around to look at her perfect little ass.

Emma gasped. She chuckled the moment I grabbed her ass and growled.

It was perfect. She was perfect.

I turned her back around and removed her thong.

She was naked. Underneath me. I could do with her body whatever I wanted to because she was f*****g mine.


I looked at her beautiful face and smirked. I grabbed her knees and pushed her legs open.

I almost whined when I saw her beautiful little p***y just waiting for me.

She was so f*****g wet already.

“f**k, baby.” I said as I ran my finger from her clit to the hole I would soon fill with my c**k. “You are ready for me, aren’t you?”

Emma’s breathing picked up, and her eyes widened.

I laid between her legs and lowered my mouth on her clit.

She moaned and arched her back.

“Stay still, baby.” I said as I grabbed her hips with my hand.

I lowered my other hand between her legs and pushed a finger inside of her.

“Oh, Logan.” Emma moaned loudly.

I started sucking on her clit and pushing a finger in and out of her. When I felt her starting to clench around my fingers, I stopped.

Emma whined, and I chuckled.

“Sorry, baby.” I said as I started pushing another finger into her. “You will be coming in a second.”

I had to push the second finger in slowly. She was so f*****g tight. I sucked on her clit as I worked two fingers in and out of her.

“Oh, shit.” Emma mumbled, and I chuckled.

I looked up at her and wished that I could take a picture of her beautiful face right now. Her cheeks were flushed. Her eyes were wide and filled with lust. Her mouth was slightly open, and she kept biting her lower lip. Her chest kept falling up and down rapidly, making her t**s bounce and giving me a perfect view.

I was so f*****g ready to c*m.

I felt her clench around my fingers, and I knew that she was cumming. I kept my eyes on her because I wanted to look at her while she came.

She was f*****g perfection.

I slowed down my sucking and pumping and waited for her orgasm to finish.

“Oh, Goddes.” Emma mumbled as she laid down on the bed.

“It will be so much better when you come on my c**k, baby.” I said as I kissed her body.

I captured her mouth with mine and let her taste herself on my tongue. She moaned and kissed me harder.

She started tugging on my sweater, and I pulled it up over my head. I stood up to remove my jeans and my boxers.

I watched her face as she looked up and down my body. Her eyes widened as soon as she saw my c**k. She bit her lip and looked up at me.

I growled. The innocent look in her eyes was driving me f*****g crazy.

“This is all mine.” Emma said quietly, looking me in the eyes.

I could swear that I just f*****g came.

“All yours, baby.” I said as I laid back on top of her.

Emma ran her hands up and down my body, making me growl and shiver.

“I love you.” Emma said, placing a kiss on my neck.

“I love you too, baby.” I said as I grabbed a fistful of her hair.

I pulled her head up and covered her lips with mine.

I placed the tip of my c**k at her entrance.

My heart was racing. This was it. One small push, and she would be mine.

I ran my fingers through her folds, making sure that she was still wet and ready for me.

“Are you ready, baby?” I asked her.

She nodded and grabbed both of my arms.

“It will hurt for only a second, okay?” I told her as I kissed her lips gently. “I won’t move until you tell me to.”

Emma nodded, and I placed another kiss on her lips. I started to push inside of her. I kept my eyes on hers. I wanted to watch her become mine.

I made sure to go slow. She was so f*****g tight, soft, and warm.

I had no f*****g idea how long I would last like this.

I kissed her again as I continued to push inside of her.

I kept my eyes on hers the entire time. I needed to see her become mine.

I f*****g needed it.

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