True Luna Chapter 92: Will you marry me?

Logan POV

I was so f*****g nervous.

I had no idea why. She would say yes. She was already marked, mated, and mine.

Marriage was just a formality. Just another way to tie her to me. We didn’t really need it, but I wanted to make her mine in every way possible.

There was still a tiny possibility that she would say no. What if she changed her mind? What if she decided to find a witch and remove my mark? What if she wanted someone else, like Jacob or Drake?

Leon growled loudly.

‘MINE!’ He screamed. ‘f*****g mine!’

I took a deep breath and tightened my hold on her hand.

‘Stop thinking about that, Logan.’ Leon growled at me. ‘I will come out and stick my claws up your ass. She is mine. She isn’t Jacob’s or Drake’s. She is mine. MINE!’

‘You are right.’ I said as I looked at my mate. ‘She is ours.’

We were walking toward the lake. I wanted to take her to a special place on the lake so we could watch the sunset together. I decided to propose to her there. I was the only one who knew about that spot, and it would now become ours. It would become the place where she would say yes to spending the rest of her life with me.

Andrew helped me pick out a ring. He was even more excited than me, if that was possible. We chose a beautiful ring, and I couldn’t wait to place it on her finger.

“Why are you nervous?” Emma asked me.

I furrowed my eyebrows. How did she know?

“I can feel your emotions now, Logan.” Emma chuckled.

Of course. Yes. I marked her. I could feel her, and she could feel me. I was so nervous that I forgot about that.

“I’m not nervous.” I lied. “I’m excited to show you the spot. Maybe I’m a bit nervous if you will like it, though.”

“I will love it.” Emma said, smiling brightly at me.

My heart raced, and I fell a little more in love with her. She was so beautiful when she smiled.

I watched as her hair touched her waist. I watched as her blue eyes roamed around. I watched her smile. I watched her perfect little body as she walked next to me. I watched her plump lips that I loved to kiss and bite. I filled my lungs with her amazing scent. I enjoyed the tingles and sparks that flew up and down my body.

I enjoyed her.

I couldn’t believe that I almost f*****g lost her.

“Is this the place?” Emma asked, looking up at me.

I blinked and looked around. I didn’t even pay attention to where we were going. All I saw was her. All I felt was her.

“It is.” I said as I pulled her closer to the lake. “Do you like it?”

She looked around and smiled.

“I do.” she said as she wrapped her arms around my waist.

I liked it as well, but the most beautiful thing here was her. I used to think this place was beautiful. Now I was sure that it would never be the same without her.

I kissed the top of her head and looked at the sunset.

“It’s beautiful.” Emma mumbled quietly.

I smiled and looked down at her. The soft orange glow of the sun made her skin look like gold.

I wanted to kiss every part of her. I wanted to touch her. I wanted to be inside of her again.

I had one important thing to do first. I had to ask her to be my wife.

My heart was racing like crazy, and my palms started sweating. I was so f*****g nervous.

I let her go, reached out into my back pocket, and pulled out a ring box.

Emma was so entranced by the sunset that she didn’t even notice it.

I smiled as I watched her beautiful face.

I slowly got down on one knee and watched her face as she realized that something was happening.

She furrowed her eyebrows and turned to look at me. It took her a second to realize that I wasn’t standing next to her anymore. She looked down at me, and her eyes widened.

“Emma, baby, I love you so much.” I said, trying to stop my voice from shaking. “I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but I will never let you go again. My body, my heart, and my soul are yours. I was an i***t. I was a complete fool, and I will be apologizing for that for the rest of my life. I will show you how much I love you until I take my last breath. I will be by your side for the rest of my life. I will never take you for granted, and I will love you with every piece of my heart. Will you marry me, Emma?”

My heart was going to jump out of my chest. I knew it. I could feel it piercing my rib cage.

I watched as tears fell on her cheeks. I watched as she placed her hand over her mouth. I heard a small sob escape her lips.

She looked me in the eyes and smiled through her tears.

“Yes.” she said softly as she threw herself on me. “Yes, yes, yes!”

I caught her and pressed her close to me.

Oh, thank f**k!

She said yes! She f*****g said yes!

She kissed me, and I was in f*****g heaven.

I reluctantly stopped kissing her and took the ring out of the box. I took her left hand in mine and gently placed the ring on her finger. It fit perfectly. It was perfect.

She was perfect.

I lifted her hand and kissed the ring. Emma cupped my cheek, lifted my head, and pressed her lips on mine.

I was in heaven, and I never wanted to leave.

“I love you, baby.” I said, leaning my forehead on hers.

“I love you too.” Emma said, making my heart skip a beat.

What the f**k did I do to deserve her? I didn’t really know, but I knew that I would do anything to keep her.

She was mine.

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